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Pretty Simple Lunch today made 💯 from the farm, right down to the organic coconut oil🌿🍅🥚 . . Simply sauté 2 handfuls of chopped #teamleeandmarias Kale in Coconut Oil then remove from pan . Next slice a #teamleeandmarias Field Tomato in 3 and place in the same pan the kale was in (add another small spoonful of coconut oil first) and remove . Crack a #teamleeandmarias Small Flock Egg again in the same pan with a little coconut oil then pile the three adding some fresh cracked pepper, hulled hemp & 🌶chill flakes . Cut into the yolk (think of it as a dressing) and enjoy 👌🏼 . Fast. Filling. Delicious ✌🏼💚👩🏼‍🌾 #teamleeandmariaswellness🍎 #healthcoaching #mealplanning

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